Free Smart Thermostat Program is Back! (Update - and like that it's cancelled!)

Monday Apr 23rd, 2018


UPDATE June 19th, 2019 : Doug Ford axes GreenON program that provided rebates for energy-conscious homeowners.


Beware - A subsequent program has popped up promoting free thermostats called Ontario Green Savings however many are reporting this as a scam, here's a link to their BBB page. Green Savings



In case you missed it last fall, the Ontario Government is again offering its free Smart Thermostat program through the Green Ontario Fund. Using a smart thermostat to control your home heating and cooling makes it easy to reduce your carbon footprint. It will also keep your utility bills down!


What is a 'SMART' Thermostat?


Using Wi-Fi technology, smart thermostats allow you to easily control the temperature of your home from anywhere – as long as you have a mobile device with you. Use a free app to heat or cool your home remotely, so you can return to a comfortable home. Or, simply change the temperature without having to get up from your couch.

Smart thermostats can also manage your energy use based on your schedule and preferences. Other features include automatic energy saving adjustments and maintenance alerts, such as when to change your furnace filter and reports to let you know just how much you’re saving.


Who Can Participate?

Homeowners or renters living in single-detached, semi-detached, townhome or row homes, are eligible to take part.

Live in an apartment or condo? You may be interested in the Smart Thermostat $100 Rebate for Ontario Homes.


What You Get

A GreenON Installations representative will visit your home to install a no-cost smart thermostat, and conduct an in-home energy review. Choose from three smart thermostat models:

ecobee3 lite  Honeywell Lyric T6  Nest Thermostat E

ecobee3 lite

Honeywell Lyric T6

Nest Thermostat E


How Does It All Work?


  1. Register for the program:
  2. Book an appointment - once your registration is confirmed, you'll receive an email within two weeks to book your install appointment date.
  3. Home Visit - a GreenON install representative will come to your home and install the thermostate you've chosen
  4. Home Energy Report - After your appointment a home energy report will be put together and emailed to you
  5. Enjoy! You can now 

Awesome! What was the registration link again?


To register for the program or for more information, visit:




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