Are you curious about how other homes in your neighbourhood are marketed? Do you want to keep current with similar homes to yours and their sold price? I provide up-to-date information about sales in your neighbourhood, delivered personally to you!

Just fill out the form below and I will send you for sale/sold listings!


How it Works…
When you fill in the form, you will receive an email a day with all of the properties currently for sale in your specific neighbourhood. You can look at the way the homes are presented to potential buyers through pictures or videos and the listed prices. And, should the sellers make a change to their listings, you will receive these as well.
To follow up, after two weeks, we will send you an update of all the homes sold in the neighbourhood. You will see first-hand how much the homes sold for, and how long the properties were on the market.
With all this information, you can easily formulate a better analysis of your home’s current worth (and those of your neighbours) using real-time data!